How's My Business Doing?

Get a powerful, data driven diagnostic report that tells you 

exactly WHERE you stand across 

6 MAJOR online categories.  

Knowledge is power. 
Know precisely where you 
stand. And exactly what to fix.
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Get my report

What Will PocketHive Teach Me About

My Business?

Well, for starters we're data driven, so everything gets quantified


across 6 key marketing categories

Our goal is to provide you with an agnostic rear-view look into what's missing digitally

to clear the path ahead for success. 


Not only will our algorithms tell you WHAT's at risk, but we'll provide you with smart, cost effective options on HOW to immediately fix these critical areas of your business. 


Say goodbye to guess work and

wasted budgets for good.   

The Six SnapShot Categories Include

Social reporting provides you with a deep understanding of how you're resonating with net new customers across sites like Facebook and Twitter. Are you aligning with them, their likes and buying preferences? Make immediate updates so you're not miss out.


The speed that your website and mobile sites loads is absolutely crucial. And a variety of factors effect performance. Using PageSpeed Insights, we assess whether your site meets Google’s expectations for page loads. We then provide recommendations.


Are your local customers able to find you on search engines, directories and highly trafficked local sites? Get more listings to raise your rank and reach with these local consumers. If they can find you, they can't spend with you. 


With over 4 BILLION searches each day, great search rankings are super critical. 75% of all TOP 3 local mobile searches result in a walk-in or phone-in (sale) within less than 24 hours. This report will show you exactly how to gain the perfect edge over the local competition.    


Did you know that 84% of people trust local online reviews as much as a personal recommendation? 90% will go on to BUY or PASS based on what's being said about your business. Our reports cover off on what's good and bad about the business so you can neutralize any / all risk.   


Know exactly what's gaining or where advertising's falling short for you. How are you doing marketing your business across search engines, social media, and sites relevant to your customers? Are your efforts showing you the number of phone calls, store visits, and revenue that you’ve generated? Let's review!

Letter grades are objectively assigned to 6 critical areas, diagnosing

your businesses unique needs. 

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Effectively invest less in what you got and more of what you don't.  

Did you know our software helps the average new business get grades of 80% or better?

(In less than

90 days) 

Why is this IMPORTANT?

Because not knowing will continue to cost you money.


ouch. that's a-lotta-money.

Our software shows you exactly where and how you can begin making better investments. 

This is an average cost savings based on multiple verticals, not factoring in diverse plans, strategies and seasonality. Each client will greatly differ. Results are subject to change.
  • Know where you stand

  • 100% Data Driven 

  • Algorithm inspired, objective grading scale

  • ZERO wasted investment  

(easy, accurate, automatic) 

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This simple solution points out what exactly your online business is missing so you can fix it, easily and without effort.  

Get it the know now. 


instantly find out 'what's holding your business back and how to fix it, simply 


set up straightforward marketing options built just for your business and budget needs


secretly discover what your competitors are doing locally to position yourself to win  


we'll unpack a managed success plan so you can put new revenue on auto-pilot 

stop unwanted changes. control and protect

what's represented about you online 



What other business owners think of PocketHive's SnapShot


Before SnapShot, we we're wasting $1,200 a month in services that were duplicative.


We needed less SEO and more reputation management. 


We took that money and cleaned up our local reviews. I am extremely happy with the custom plan. Without it I would have not understood what my online goals were missing.


Our retargeting efforts were not working.


We spend over $300 getting qualified leads to our site but never had the ability to re-engage them. It was like everyone that came to our site became ghosts. SnapShot helped us see exactly what was missing so we could fix it. Within 24 Hours, we saved over $4000. Amazing technology. Simple and straightforward. 


SnapShot allowed us to see exactly where our competition was beating us out. We diverted non-working marketing budgets to SEO and now we're always listed 4 or 5 positions ahead of our nearest competitor. Without this insight, we'd still be unnecessarily wasting good budget in areas our business did not need. 


How long does it take to get going?

It's pretty simple! Once you sign-up, you get introduced to a dedicated partner manager. They will then ask you to answer a few key questions in a brief online survey via email. We then schedule a quick call to walk you through our simpe on boarding - don't worry, our professional customer success team members will handle everything for you and lead the way. Although you're not required to authenticate listings for any of the sites that are included in the package you choose, however, with some packages that include (i.e. Facebook, Google My Business and Twitter), you may be asked to authenticate your accounts through PocketHive's secure servers so that we may sync the business info to those listings and provide you with maximum, comprehensive listing insights (i.e. who's calling, who's walking in, who's searching for you on local maps and where) and many more benefits you'll soon get. In some cases we will need authentications where we do this on your behalf. Depending on your technical comfort level, you may very well do this on your own.

Is this a month-to-month service for new SMB businesses?

Yes! You have the flexibility to choose month to month or join a 12 month plan that will save you additional money. You may cancel anytime (but why would you?) We work very well with new buinesses or ones that are in need of more, ongoing exposure locally, we can quickly help you impact accurate listings that drive more business for you month after month!

Do I need to buy anything extra to make my listings work?

Nope. Not one single thing. Our ListPlie products are robust and the only thing necessary is the proper information we'll use to start listing you across the major online directories. Our team may ask you for foundational information incluing perhaps (not in all cases) some photos or menus of products but that's about it.

Is ListPile hard to work with, I mean, is this something I need to focus all my attention on?

Not at all. In fact, we're so easy going you'll think we're a silent partner on your team and make creating winning listings for you a snap. Our service is 100% managed so you can do you, and not worry about the marketing stuff.

How can I keep track of the work you do for me?

You absolutely can keep track! We provide a dashboard where you can see the work our technology and team is doing for you each month. Depending on the package you select, we can also schedule quarterly calls to review and keep you updated on what's new for the business to make your listings even stickier and help you keep up on trends that positively affect your online presence. Once a partner, we're here to help you grow!

Why do I need Listing Distribution?

Listing Distribution shows you how your business looks in the deep part of the internet. If you want to be found quickly, you will absolutely need to provide ongoing and correct linkage to the TOP 4 local listing bureaus right away. Listing distribution automates this very difficult and tedious process that is error prone. (41% of all internet listings are wrong or have missing pieces of information that your customers and major search engines use to RATE and RANK you.) PocketHive's technology automatically and constantly feeds publishers and local search sites like Apple Maps, Yelp and GPS maps daily making your business highly relevant and 'clickable' saving you time, money and peace of mind.

Which sites does my business get linked to?

There are over 200+ premium directories and local publishers that include everyone from Yelp, Apple Maps, Yahoo, FaceBook, Google, Foursquare, Waze, Manta and so many more! In dashboard auto manufacturing (driving maps) include Toyota, GM, BMW and others! Your accurate, ongoing business precense is vital to your local customers online. Getting found is the best thing you can do to support business growth and future clients who use technology to help them shop for themselves and their families! (It also give you a leg-up on your competition!)

Why do I have to pay for ListPile on an ongoing basis?

Online presence management is a thing and fraudsters know this. When you update listings one data point at a time, the risk is high for unwanted changes. Online influencers, including data providers, Internet users, and other 'unknown' third parties, have the power to change your business listing info without any prior warning. Our Technology has a direct relationship with these directories and continuously monitors these listings for accuracy. We re-send updated data every 24 hours to stop and prevent malicious behavior and keep you tops! We empower your business to instantly update your listings across dozens of sites any time you want, as many times as you want thus providing security and maximum flexibility to update many key details on-demand in the absolute, most efficient and cost effective manner.

When can I begin to see results?

The majority of listing sites will update instantaneously (15 minutes to an hour). This excludes Shopping-time Network (48-72 hrs), Nokia Here (60-90 days) and the various GPS systems Instagram, Hotfrog and Manta (60-90 days). Some take a little longer than others however rising tides lift all boats meaning the more accurate and up-to-date these listings are, the quicker your information gets top listings.

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PocketHive's SnapShot

provides objective insight so you're always in control.  Know what's missing, fix what's important now. 

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see how it can work for your business today.

If you're ready to get a quick and easy online diagnosis of what matters, you're ready for PocketHive's SnapShot. 

We can't wait to hear from you. 


Your Success Is Our #1 Focus.

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